Qapwa is derived from Kapwa which is a Filipino concept of building a shared identity with the other as well as equality with the other

According to a study 39% of Filipinos have a bias towards Muslims even though only about 14% of them have had direct dealings with Muslims. The entrenchment of “Islamophobia” in the Philippines has led to the exclusion of Muslim Filipinos from jobs, education, housing and business opportunities. We believe that some of the important values of humanity are tolerance, empathy and in Filipino, pakikipag-Kapwa. When we were still young, our parents would teach us the importance of these values through inspiring stories. This is why we will use storytelling as the medium to make new narratives.

Qapwa is born out of collaboration among young people who has the same passion for peace. We are definitely open to collaborate with like-minded organizations who wish to learn about our stories and storytelling methods. You can host a photo exhibit or workshop in your city or school. Don’t hesitate to message us at

Our vision is to continue Qapwa as a leadership school for young Filipinos where we can promote diversity, tolerance and empathy to build peace. We will offer workshops that will train them to become effective storytellers which will help them develop self and community leadership.

Our Story

Our Team

Angeli Monique Siladan
Project Manager
Brian Adam Anay
Mentor, Writing
Sittie Raisah Timosa
Mentor, Photography