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In this website, contributors and readers alike will have the opportunity to submit and read Qapwa stories. Every contributor will have his/her own profile. All stories that you will submit will be credited to you. This will serve as your story bank or online portfolio of stories.

Qapwa aims to tell stories to as many people as possible and social media is a great tool to showcase this. Visit our Facebook page and watch out for exciting activities that you can involve in. May it be an upcoming storytelling workshop or other emerging opportunities.

Qapwa conducts learning sessions with partners and storytelling workshops. We travel everywhere in search for potential storytellers. We developed our own modules and materials from our experience to share our knowledge in community engagement, writing and photography. We would love to partner with you if you wish to to learn more about storytelling and promoting peace.

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We would love to showcase products from Mindanao. We are looking for entrepreneurs in Mindanao who wants to take their business to the next level.
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These stories need to be heard! Help us spread the good vibes in your school, organization, church and home. Host a learning session on peace-building or simply invite us to come over by simply filling up the form below.
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