The Qapwa story format is pretty simple:

  1. 1 portrait photo of the person telling the story in landscape format. It is not necessary that it will be in front view. Any parts of the body can be a representation of that person (examples: back view, side view, hands or feet). This file should be maximum of 4MB and not less than 1MB. Full color only and less post processing as much as possible. The submitted photo will be subjected to some alteration (lighting, focus) if necessary by the Qapwa editorial team.

  2. 200 words written story of the person in the photograph. This must be an original write up and done after the interview with the person. Stories vary from lifestyle, hobbies, opinions, life story, love story and all other interesting experiences of the person. Our goal is to show the humanity of people, showing narratives that are otherwise bias among another group of people. The submitted photo will be subjected to proofreading and editing if necessary by the Qapwa editorial team.
For the initial phase of the project, we are covering stories of Muslim Filipinos. This is our small action on a study which shows that 39% of Filipinos have a bias towards Muslims even though only about 14% of them have had direct dealings with Muslims. The entrenchment of “Islamophobia” in the Philippines has led to the exclusion of Muslim Filipinos from jobs, education, housing and business opportunities.

Help us reach one thousand stories of Muslim Filipinos! Write for us!