My mother once dreamed of becoming a teacher but she didn’t because of several reasons. She told me about her dream which inspired me to be a teacher, even though I initially wanted to be an electrical engineer. As a result, I enrolled in education. I was worried at first because I couldn’t speak Filipino well, which is why I majored in Filipino. My mother was so happy when I finished my studies. She cried, and she hugged me many times. And I was quite proud doing it for her. This September 2018, I’ll be taking the licensure exam for teachers. I hope and pray that I’ll pass. After accomplishing my mother’s dream, I started reaching for mine. I enrolled in short courses on electrical installation, carpentry, tile setting, inching closer to becoming an electrical engineer. I’ve already finished those subjects and I can now practice in those fields. I’m happy and honored to have fulfilled two dreams. I owe my mother my life, which is why I want to make her happy as well.

- Dianne Kathryn Datu

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