I’m blessed to be the chief patrol officer of our barangay for two terms in a row. As chief patrol officer, I monitor the order and safety of our barangay. Hearing reports of our barangay in police stations worries me. So when I patrol the streets, I give short talks to anyone who will listen to tell their children and family to be responsible citizens of the community. I remember one incident when a group of teenagers from other barangays were walking in our streets drunk. They were making so much noise in the middle of the night, disturbing the sleeping households. They even peed on the walls and vomited in the street. They had no IDs on them and they couldn’t answer our questions. When they became sober, we scolded and sent them home. We also talked to their parents. I believe that discipline is first learned in the home. And right now, there are still plenty of hard-headed people. Thus, our work continues.

- Dianne Kathryn Datu

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