It’s funny how my love for cooking made me into a barangay nutritionist. Back then, I only used to cook for my family. But here I am now, helping families become healthy one person at a time. Helping children is my passion. It all started when I volunteered to cook for a feeding program. During the event, a government employee approached me and asked if I was interested to become our barangay’s nutritionist. I accepted. I enrolled in a short course, attended seminars, and participated in workshops so I can be qualified for the role. I’m still on my first year but I’m already enjoying the work more than I ever imagined. During the annual meeting of barangay nutritionists, I shared the progress I made in my barangay. As I shared my stories with the audience, I suddenly cried. I realized I was doing more than a job; I was undertaking a journey. I felt so fulfilled because I was making a difference in my community. I’m aware that my barangay is far from perfect, but just thinking of these successes make me hopeful. I hope one day my barangay will truly be healthy.

- Dianne Kathryn Datu

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