I was working in Saudi Arabia for more than 30 years. It was a good paying job. I can buy the luxuries that I wanted and enjoy any experience that I like. Most importantly, as a common practice among overseas Filipinos, I send money to my family back home. To support their daily needs and the studies of my children. I also visit them in the Philippines once a year. Unfortunately, it was too late when I found out that my two sons were not attending classes and in the end, dropped out of school. They were using my remittances to buy drugs, specifically shabu, the most famous here in the Philippines. I went home lonely and empty handed. All my plans for them are suddenly gone. My family had to start all over again. This is a common scenario in the families in our community wherein either the father or mother is an overseas worker. All I can say to other fathers is to not go away from their families. Be present as much as you can especially when the kids are still young.

- Qapwa

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