Meet Abdel. He graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a Degree in Sociology. He then entered the UP College of Law from which he graduated last 2010. Abdel, who hails from Iligan City, is a lawyer by profession but a developmental and humanitarian worker at heart. "Ang mga tao kasi kapag nalalaman na Moro ako, mas proud pa sila sa akin. It’s just that I am just doing what I think I should be doing for this country, for myself, for my family. I don’t really consciously do it dahil Bangsamoro ako, trying to be excellent dahil Moro ako. Walang ganoon pag-iisip sa akin before eh. Pero ngayon kailangan nang maging conscious, kailangan na nating maging mas excellent. Goals ko? I really want public service, makatulong na hindi iniisip ang sarili. Sa atin kasing mga Bangsamoro, we measure success by our degree, by the house that we have, by the clothes that we wear, by the cars that we possess pero it’s not really that. I’ve learned that the wealth of a person is more of the intangible and the success of the individual is hinge not on how many he/she possess but on how he/she affects other. Sobrang madaling maging selfish, pero in this times mas kailangan nating magkaisa, kailangan nating mas maging magaling. Because that’s really for me is the most effective way of combating iyong mga stereotypes and discrimination. To show na we are excellent people that we are, that we can blend in at the same time stand out. There’s really nothing special about being a Bangsamoro, it's not just a religion, it’s who we are, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just excel because we really need to live by example."

- Stories of Bangsamoro
Stories of Bangsamoro

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