Meet Mona, a resident of Mantuyong. Hear how the fire incident failed to break her rather listen to her account of how it strengthened her faith. “Noong nakalabas na kami sa highway, may tumawag sa amin na yung bahay daw namin ay kasalukuyan nang natutupok ng apoy. Umiyak na ako.Pangatlo na to. Siguro hindi na tama na magstay pa kami dito sa area. Ya Allah syapang ka so walay nga, syapang ka so masgit, syapang kaming ka. Gyoto den ipegurakok aken. Pag nasunog pa kami ngayon, aalis na talaga kami sa Mantuyong. Desidido na talaga ako. Pero nang humupa ang apoy hindi pala inabot ang bahay namin. Alhamdulillah, ang nasabi ko sa mga anak ko na senyales na to galing sa Allah, hindi tayo aalis. Dito lang tayo.” “After making our way out, someone informed us that our house was currently being consumed by the fire. By then, I broke down. This will be the third time, I guess it’s not right to stay anymore. I prayed: Our Lord take care of our home, take care of your Masjid, take care of us all. Those were what made me cried. If our house gets burn again, we will be leaving Mantuyong. It was my final resolve. But when the fire went out, we were shocked to know that our home was spared. Thanks God, I told my children that this is a sign from above, we shall not leave and that we must stay here.”

- Qapwa

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