Meet Jehan, the woman behind the Datu’s Brew Coffee Shop---one of the must visit and to try places in Cotabato. Hear her inspiration and purpose in keeping up this one of its kind Moro shop. “Ang gusto ko pag pumasok ka dito ang mararamdaman mo ay talagang nasa Maguindanao ka, na safe ka. Makita mo yung ganda ng kultura ng mga taga dito at magbago yung maling perceptions mo against sa mga Moros. Pag sinabi kasi na Maguindanao o di kaya ay Moro ang naiisip ng iba ay tanging alam lang nating gawin ay humawak ng baril. Ang ultimate purpose ko sa coffee shop na ito ay ang mas makilala na tayo pala ay mayroon ring sinasabing taste, na tayo ay may class at syempre na tayo ay masarap rin magtimpla ng kape.” “What I want is that once you enter the shop, you will get the vibes that you are really in Maguindanao---and that you are safe. For you to witness the beauty of the culture of our people and probably change your misconceptions against us Moros. Because once you say Maguindanao or Moros, most people would think that we only know how to use and hold guns. My ultimate purpose then in this coffee shop is to introduce to the world that we too got good taste and class and especially we can also brew and serve good coffee.”

- Stories of Bangsamoro
Stories of Bangsamoro

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