Making impulsive decisions has been normal in my life. While other young people consider life as a party, I started doing business early. I’m focused on how I can generate income. As a student I did several businesses, like buying and selling of cars or phone. I thought I want to work at customs, so I studied basic economy for 3 years. It was something my parents decided for me to take. I didn’t really enjoy it. I tried my best to persuade them to allow me to take civil engineering in Cebu. I stopped schooling for 2 years because I became spoiled. Everything that I demand, they gave me. Eventually they realized I can’t live like a spoiled brat forever so they stopped supporting my education. That’s when I decided I have to work hard so I can pay my tuition. I transferred in Cebu and I’ve been taking civil engineering now for 3 years. When I was a kid, I remember how much I like building things. I realized that I liked civil engineering during one of our summer breaks when I worked as a foreman for my uncle. During that time I was already half-hearted again with civil engineering but that vacation motivated and inspired me. It is difficult being a working student. When the time comes to pay balances and I don’t have enough it is very disheartening. I ask money from my brothers or parents sometimes but I’m proud that I pay my debts eventually. When the Marawi siege happened, I saw my parents suffering. That was my breakthrough moment. I have lost so many opportunities. My batchmates are already working and I’m still here. I don’t want to be a burden for the family anymore. I have to finish my studies soon. I will continue persevere.

- Qapwa

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