My daughter has pneumonia while I have courage. I’ve been selling vegetables for over 18 years, and it’s been my source of income that gets us through every day. It’s difficult budgeting for our needs and my daughter’s maintenance, and as a mother, I won’t let my children feel left out. My husband helps me sell vegetables because he doesn’t have a job. My children also help me during the weekend. I have seven children. Four of them are still studying: two are in elementary while one is in 8th grade while another is in the 7th. My husband used to work as a construction worker, but after the projects were finished, he’d have little opportunities. My husband and I almost got separated, but thankfully we didn’t let out anger ruin our love and destroy our family. And that makes me happy. I’m like any other mother who wants the best for her children. I strive hard to send them to school. I don’t want them to be like me, and I don’t want them to experience the same things I have. And despite all this, we are a happy family. Problems are just problems, but family is still family. Allah makes me undergo many tests and sufferings, but I know He won’t give me things I wouldn’t be able to surpass. Life may be unfair, but that’s because I didn’t do well in life. I wasted so many chances and disregarded many opportunities. But I will face them all for the future of my children.


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