My husband may have died, but my heart as a mother lives. Every day I collect vegetables and bring them to the market to sell. I spend six to eight hours in the market almost every day, and I even stay there during Sundays. I’m a mother of three. Two of my children already have families of their own, but one of them still live with me. However, despite having their own families, they still help and provide me money when I need it the most. My youngest is still studying and I do what I can to provide for her needs in school. I’ve been a single mom for almost five years. After my husband died from cardiac arrest, it’s been especially hard coping to be the beacon of my family. But I didn’t let it bring me down. Still, I did everything I could to support my children. I didn’t even have time to mourn my husband’s passing because I needed to work to support ourselves. I don’t want them to feel that I’m gone as well, now that their father has passed. Thankfully, the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program arrived and helped me. With them, I was able to raise a capital to sell vegetables in Magay market, and this is where I’ve gotten my income ever since. I almost gave up with everything, but my will won’t ever be broken.


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