I am a wife of the Imam so I spend most of my time here. We live just at the back of the mosque. I like that I meet a lot of people from different tribes, converts and even Christians. It’s challenging when some people are close minded. But for us we are willing to listen and share about Islam. Before, we live in Looc, they said it was the slums of Bohol, we were the only Muslim family there and everyone was so good to us. I also like hanging out with other Muslim women here. I helped them adjust in wearing a hijab since most of them are new to Islam. Ramadan is the best time here in the Masjid. Everyone works together to prepare dishes for everyone to share. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to gather and share stories over meals. And we rarely get sleep. The most popular dish here is Tinolang Itim (Black Beef Soup) which is a traditional Tausog dish. Next time when you come back, we will prepare one for you. During Hari Raya, everyone, even enemies become friends with each other. It’s a celebration of peace and healing with ourselves and towards others. I always look forward to it.

- Qapwa

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