The Paris attack was painful. It’s a mixed of emotion between sadness and angst. Angst because we, Muslims are being blamed of something we could never think of in the first place. I felt sad, because I grieve for the people who were murdered mercilessly by the people who try to influence politics in an extremist way. Nakikita ko ang association sa Islamic Belief kapag binabasa mo ang mga comments sa social media because they would associate Paris attack sa mga Muslim saying, ‘O mga Muslim na naman yan eh’. Sadly you would also hear from their comments na kapag daw na-aprubahan ang Bangsamoro Basic Law magkakaroon na rin tayo ng ganyang version sa Pilipinas. Kesyo, we would be welcoming extremists in a Sharia based governance, kung saan yung mga Muslim daw are going to kill Non-Muslims, impose their religion, let all woman wear veil, etc. It is a kind of reality that we must confront in the context of discrimination. Dahil ang mga Muslim we believe in the faith of love, peace and mercy just like any other groups. It is not religion that actually defines people but politics.

- Stories of Bangsamoro
Stories of Bangsamoro

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