I didn't finish school. For years, I lived from collecting garbage that I could sell. I was also a parking aide. When they closed the area where I used to work that became my light bulb moment. I picked up some art materials that I found from the streets and poured my heart into drawing. I just drew and drew. Then it dawned on me-- maybe I could make a living out of this. And so I did. I started selling my pieces for 20 pesos. At first, they didn't sell, but after weeks of making more, people started to notice and they bought my art! It was fulfilling, yes, but it didn't last for long. There are days when nobody buys them, so I resorted to begging for money just so I could eat. But I don't regret losing my parking job. Art is my refuge. My drawings make me happy.

- Nasser Hadjula

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