In 2016, the Abu Sayaff came to Bohol and the perception towards us changed. Discrimination became common. My classmates always ask me about being a terrorist and it is annoying. They always ask about my last name because it sounds different. I have a teacher, who was so good to me in the first week of the class. One day, we were filling up forms and that was when she found out that I am Muslim. Her tone and treatment towards me during classes changed. I was sitting at the back and then she made me move to the front. Shamed me once, as well. I’m sure she doesn’t like me or Muslims in general because my classmates told me about it. I have no personal grudge towards her though. It’s okay. Maybe she had a negative experience, but I hope she gives a chance to get to know me. On the other hand, I love my history teacher. She always asks about our culture and my personal stories. This helps me cope up with my studies. They both gave me good grades which is great!

- Qapwa

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