Everyone said that earning money here is fast and easy. Well, they were wrong. Every single day we need to persevere and endure all struggles just to earn and sustain our family. Despite all the hardships, I am happy to share that we are able to send our five children to school. My eldest is already pursuing his undergraduate studies. It has been 13 years already when we transferred here in Laguna from Marawi City. Our co-sellers may be all competitive but I thank Allah that He did not forget about us. He impressed to us to be always true to ourselves and to our customers. He guided us to sell customers only legitimate items, address their concerns, and negotiate fairly, so that everyone is happy and contented. Now, our customers are also our friends. They usually go back to our store to check out our new items and chitchat about our lives. It is a win-win situation for us because we are earning and winning new friends.

- Dianne Kathryn Datu

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