We are renting a house and this little area where we sell charcoal briquettes. I used to peddle trinkets and other dry goods for decades until the authorities prohibited street vending. We started selling these briquettes just three years ago when a Moro comrade introduced it to us. They say that charcoal has medicinal properties. That was the selling point for me. Some of my friends noted that I am eating better and my skin is glowing since I started selling these. I really wouldn’t know but it certainly is helping us put food on our table and send my kid to school. Where I’m originally from, rido or clan feuds were an unpleasant feature of life. I brought my family to Butuan City to escape the conflict. We are too poor to let a drop of blood from my family be traded for pride and honor. After settling here, we made friends with the local Moro and Christian communities and it has been a peaceful coexistence since.

- Kenneth Bolisay

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