It has only been two months since I became a Muslim. Growing up in Bulacan, I lived a life trying to find my identity and spirituality. During my younger years, I joined three different religious organizations, but these groups didn’t really enlighten me of my purpose in life. An unexpected encounter happened to me in 2007. I met my aunt’s husband who is a Muslim, and I was introduced to Islam through him. I studied the religion and felt the urge to be a part of it. Upon diving deep in to the vast ocean of knowledge from Allah through the Quran, I found what I have been yearning all throughout my life. Recently, I feel that I am gradually changing into the best version of myself. I discovered that when I lost my way, Allah gave me a burning light that guided me back into His loving arms. Once you are called to be a part of His religion, no matter where you are now, no matter what you are doing, and no matter what you believe in, He will make a way to put you on the Straight Path.

- Cliford Natividad

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