She was raised in Inagawan, a long trip from where I was. If it was what they call destiny that made us meet each other in college, then I thank Him for that. As much as I wanted to say that our love started there, that wasn’t the case. We never really talked to each other back then. But as the weeks went by, I noticed how lovely she looked each day. So we talked, got to know each other. I realized that she was the partner I had always wanted in life. We had our quarrels, but we get through with it. I already knew then that she was the one. Soon enough, we graduated and she moved to Hong Kong in order to work as an OFW. Being back here, I didn’t know if the relationship would still work. Lucky enough, it was around that time that my uncle also went there as a businessman so I decided to tag along. To me, it was a great opportunity to be with my then girlfriend. We worked there for a while and got married as soon as we returned. Now, we have two very adorable kids. Why did I follow her? She was what my heart wants. From once strangers to each other’s worlds, we became each other's pillar, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

- Timothy Fagut

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