I am 96 years old and a native of Jolo. For the past 60 years, I’ve been staying here in Davao City. I looked for a place to have a simple life. I always try to let go of the stress around me. Later on I realized that what I’m looking for is not just a place, it is happiness. I struggled raising my seven children so my wife took charge in the family. I am also a community leader. We faced challenges due to cultural differences of Muslims and Non-Muslims in our community. I am glad that I’m rewarded with hard working and very supportive members. We help each other maintain peace here. My only hope for the next generation is to respect each other, regardless of race, religion, culture and belief. I will be very happy to see our youth succeed and become good role models in the community. I know my life is coming to an end soon. If you ask me, what is my purpose in this life, my answer is only Allah knows.

- Greta Mae Griño

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