You start to feel that sense of contentment when you learn that there are a lot of sources of fulfillment in this life. For me every trial means a goal to overcome it. I am a mother of three boys. I am a Christian who married a Muslim man. Life has never been easy. My husband provides for us by working as a government employee. You know how meager the salary is right? We try to budget it for the whole family. But despite this, I am proud that we have sent all my children to school and they graduated in their chosen fields. Two of them are now working and the other is reviewing for the board exams. I have nothing else to wish for in this life. I witnessed my children become a better member of the community despite the challenges of being a Muslim. For me it’s time to hit the pause button and reflect on the changes in my life. And actually experience the meaning of it.

- Greta Mae Griño

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